RODEO RODEO $230 Bit O Both Barrel Bit $230 any mouth width includes rope nose band & curb chain p&h $14 185918047 Slow Twist Gag Bit 201810836 Sliding Gag Bit See more bits and spurs in other albums 185918049 Chihauhau Style Spur Made in *blued steel *please note blued steel is meant to rust 185918271 Stainless Ladies Spur Made in stainless steel With stainless steel rope edge Engraved sterling silver custom adornments 185918272 Blued Ladies Spur Made in *blued steel with stainless steel rope edge Custom engraved sterling silver detail and adornments *please note blued steel is meant to rust 185918273 Plain Stainless Custom made to buyers own design made in plain stainless steel More spur ideas in the Spurs Album 185918274 Bronc Spur in Rasp Steel Example shows one bronc style made in *rasp steel with stainless steel buttons. Initials in engraved sterling silver (2 on each spur) This example $405 with custom initials p&h $15 *please note rasp steel is only available in *blued steel - *meant to rust. 185918048