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Snaffle bits have no mechanical advantage, the rein always slides to where it is pulling directly on the mouthpiece.
Well made snaffle bits should appear even & show an equal curve when folded as in KM # 519 (below)
Mouthpieces made in any custom or standard widths.

Silver Star Concho

Stainless steel rope edge. 3/8" tapered DonDodge

photo KM # 548

3/8" Tapered mouth Don Dodge snaffle KM # 519

5/16" tapered mouth O-ring snaffle KM # 521

1/2" Tapered Eggbutt with half sweet inlaid blued/half stainless steel mouthpiece to help eliminate chafing at corners of the mouth.  Centres stainless steel. photo KM # 512

reverse side of # 512 - 1/2" tapered Eggbutt with half blued/half stainless steel mouth. Rings decorated with stainless steel dots. KM # 515

1/2" Tapered Three-Piece Eggbutt in half/half blued stainless with Engraved Sterling Silver initials on sides.  photo KM # 510

KM # 538

Don Dodge Snaffle

3/8" Non-tapered

made in stainless steel

with copper striped inlaid sweet mouth

3/8" Tapered Mouth O/ring snaffle bit. 

photo KM # 535.

Straight Tubular Snaffle with 7/16" tapered half/half blued/stainless mouthpiece. photo KM # 520.

Tapered Butt Tubular - 3/4" tapered mouth # 575

Custom Concho

Spade with Rope Edge & Engraved Sterling Silver


photo KM # 534

Custom Concho Heart with Rope Edge & Engraved Sterling Silver detail photo KM # 543