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Ken Miller Bits & Spurs Australia

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Buttons and swingers on Ken Miller Spurs are made of stainless steel with a 3/16" pin. Most other spurs on the market only have 1/8" black steel pin.

KM shanks are all threaded with 1/4" screws to make rowels interchangeable.  Most other makers only use 3/16".

Choice is yours!  If you prefer lighter pins or black steel just specify.  

Custom sizing & styling included as part of basic price.  Scroll down for how to make your custom size template....


How to make a Spur Size template:

1. Bend a piece of soft wire around the riding boot where you want the spur to sit.  This will usually be around the widest part of the leather boot heel, just above the sole heel.

2. Draw around the inside of the wire template you have just made.  Or if you have a spur that already fits well, just draw around the inside of that spur.

3. Post your drawing (which should look like a U shape on paper).